For the past decade I've worked primarily as a producer, director and writer for theatre, film, festivals and events, so that is what this website is all about. But along the way I've also called myself a raft guide, sci-fi writer, solar panel installer, assistant brewer, actor, and university academic english teacher...

I was raised in Japan and Singapore, and have spent most of my working life in Wellington and Melbourne. I now live with my supercool partner on our boat in good old Hobart, Tasmania. I'm concentrating on hunting down arts management contracts, but also have theatre and film projects ticking away in New Zealand. The one on the go now is a webseries called "Milton the Monster Hunter". Have a look in the 'Film' section.

I try to get out into the ocean with my boat or my surfboard as much as possible; and I hoon off to Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area whenever I get the chance. 

In my downtime I like to write stories and songs, which you can check out on this website as well. 

Internet, I present to you my email: iampaulstephanus (at) Don't send me spam!