Finding Obama - 2008

4 Episodes of New Zealand/American Political Satire

The “Finding Obama” series was a collection of 4 one-hour plays written and performed by myself and my colleague Scott Ransom. The plays were episodical and performed in succession (with a number of ‘re-runs’) at a local Wellington comedy club.

The plays took place in an alternative future where the population of the world call for the indefinite continuation of Barack Obama’s his reign over Earth. To bypass the lengthy uncertain process of reversing a Constitutional Amendment Barack merely blasts into space and begins circling the globe at the speed of light so as not to age. Therefore his final 6 months of presidency last another 200 years here on Earth.

Cut to William Shakespeare and his brother, Todd, who live in 2015 New Zealand, etching out a living as struggling performers. During the four episode season the duo win a competition that will allow them to be the personal entertainers of Barack Obama on his ‘holy spacecraft’. But before they get there they are detoured by insane NASA scientists; oppressed and nearly destroyed by the artificial intelligence on their personal spacecraft on route to Obama; and finally find out the shocking truth that Obama has had his brain switched with a white man who is now on earth posing as Obama and probably up to no good, thus leaving room open for infinite sequels which may or may not be realized.

I loved these shows.