clued up

Role: Australian Director / NZ Creative Event Producer / Performer

CluedUp is a creative events and murder mystery company based out of Wellington, working across New Zealand and Australia.  There are a few bread and butter events and from time to time large-scale custom-designed events. The murder mysteries include comedies that are site specific to restaurants, conference centres, or zoos. The events include mad-cap remote control car builds and races; city-wide character-driven treasure hunts; strategic catapult battles; or the competitive construction of giant pipe structures with marbles whizzing through them. I worked with top-tier management from dozens of multinational companies and created produced, and delivered creative games and events for up to 250 participants at a time.

ten days on the island

Role: Logistics Manager

Ten Day on the Island (The Tasmanian International Arts Festival) is Australia's only state-wide multi-arts festival, and is part of the Major Festivals Initiative. It has been running for 15 years and brings high quality visual and performing arts to urban centres and rural communities across Tasmania. As Logistics Manager I was responsible for liaising with international performing arts companies and organising their movements through the state. This required a lot of dialogue with regional councils, venues, businesses and artists. Hard work, but a lot of fun!


Tasmanian Writers and readers festival

Role: Festival Manager / Producer

The Tasmanian Writers and Readers Festival has had its ups and downs. It ran for a time in the late '90s and early 2000's, but soon ran out of steam. It was revamped in 2011, and ran biennially in conjunction with Ten Days on the Island. However, in 2015, the Festival struck out on its own. I was hired as the Festival Manager to work in conjunction with the Festival Director, Chris Gallagher, to produce an awesome, top-notch festival replete with national and international writers, discussing and performing their works for 3 jam-packed days. And it was a great success, financially and artistically, and now has its own place on Hobart's busy festival calendar.