Milton the Monster Hunter

Role: Producer / Co-writer

The pilot season of a new web-series where the heroes investigate supernatural happenings across New Zealand. The show was created with support through a successful Boosted crowdfunding, and in-kind support from Park Road Post (the company responsible for the post-production on many of Peter Jackson's movies). Stay tuned!

  • Created with the prize money from two 48hour film competition wins.

  • A stellar cast and talented crew totalling around 25 rallied around the project

  • Partnered with professional film industry institutions in Wellington, like Park Road Post.

The World From Above

Role: Staff Writer

The World from Above is a History Channel production now in its 7th season. It is a travel documentary relying on aerial footage and plays on prime time cable television in the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. I no longer work for the company, but during my time with them I wrote 25 episodes, each 30 minutes long, focussing mostly on Europe. 

  • Some of my episodes, including the one featured on this page, made it into the series "Top Ten" pick.

  • The show has wide reach across four countries

  • My episodes that ended up on Youtube are constantly raking in the views


Role: Co-writer

This short was originally produced as part of the New Zealand 48hour Film Festival in 2012. The film won the grand prize in Wellington, beating out another 200 entries; and then went on to win the grand prize nationally, beating 1000s of other entries. The short still makes appearance on the film-festival circuit now and then

  • The short won a medley of awards, including best screenplay

  • $14,000 in cash prizes, and $25,000 in in-kind sponsorship

  • Garnering good reviews on the film festival circuit


Role: Co-writer

Made again for the New Zealand 48Hour Film Festival, this short again topped thousands of other shorts to take the National Runner-up prize. Dealing with victims stranded in a collapsed building after an Earthquake, it was very relevant to the ongoing struggle felt by many in Christchurch.

  • It was the second time our team, Noise and Pictures, won a National Prize

  • Showings on primetime television in New Zealand, and showings in international festivals


Role: Co-Writer

The short didn't win any prizes, or anything of the sort, but I still like it.