Bard Productions is a theatre company that specializes in designing and creating interactive performances for historic, forgotten or out-of-reach places in the urban landscape. A genre we call “adventure-theatre”.

Our passion and drive come from a desire to create engaging and unique experiences for people in and around the place they live.  We show what can be achieved in non-utilised spaces, using technology that is adapted to off-grid areas and working in surroundings that require constant problem solving and innovation. This is what draws people into our world and consistently provides them with a unique and satisfying experience.

Our most recent production, A Tempest of Matiu-Somes Island (2013 +2014) was a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, full of energy from the moment the audience boarded the ferry at the Wellington waterfront. After an entertaining 20-minute ferry ride, the audience is ‘ship-wrecked’ on Matiu-Somes Island. The revelries begin in earnest as they are led by spirits through the native bush into the historic Animal Quarantine station. Here the audience is served an unforgettable experience marked by twisting passages, dark cells, and outdoor courtyards under starry skies where the great story of The Tempest unfolds. This show was extremely successful, completely selling out 2 weeks before opening, requiring us to add extra shows throughout the summer to meet demand.